Window’s Paradise

Window's paradise

Which window film should I install? Is it true the darker color of my window film, the better it is?

Choosing the most suitable window film for home or for your office is difficult. An inexperienced customer may be confused by the overwhelming number of films and performance levels. This is where Pacco can come in and advise on the most suitable film for you.

Steps to choosing the correct window film for home/office

Step 1)

What is the main problem you are facing?

Is it Heat/glare/privacy/safety/UV?

Heat – Afternoon/Morning Sun causing heat problems in home/office.

Glare– Bright and glaring sunlight cause discomfort to your eyes.

Privacy– Prevent eyes from looking into your home/office.

Safety– Protect and gives your glass windows an extra layer of security to prevent shattering.

UV – Skin problems/ children around – thus need to block harmful UV rays.

Step 2)

Budget. How much are you willing to spend for your home/office? There is a range of films to choose from, ranging from as low as $1/sqft to $12/sqft.

The higher the cost of window film should equate to higher quality/performance.

Step 3)

Choosing the type of window film. Different types of window film are such as Dyed Film / Ceramic Film / Nano-ceramic Film/ Sputtering Film/ Multi-layer Metal Sputtering Film.

Each type of film uses a different technology to achieve different results.

Dyed Film

Darker in colour to block out more glare, however heat insulation performance is poor and some lower quality dyed films release an odourless toxic gas.

Nano-ceramic film, ceramic film

These have lower reflectivity surfaces and is not bad in blocking heat in short periods of time. Technology is based on absorption of heat to insulate heat. Thus this method only works in short period of time, in longer period of time – heat will still escape through the film (imagine a sponge full of water, water passes through after a certain capacity). Available in different shades.

Sputtering Film

Has a higher reflectivity surface. Good insulation of heat overall as it reflects heat away instead of absorbing heat. However, it could corrode and interfere with radio signals.

Multi-layer Metal Sputtering Film

Has the highest heat insulation performance. Capable of reflecting maximum heat away while still allowing maximum light to pass through. Clarity is also very clear. Can still interfere with radio signs but corrosion problems are solved and improved.

Available in darker shades too for people who wants to reduce glare.

Step 4)

Combine the above and choose a film! Afterwards let Pacco do the necessary measurements and fix a date for us to do the installation for you.

Installation time takes a couple of hours only for your office/home!

For more information, do contact us anytime for a free quotation and appointment!

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