Window Films in Singapore

How to Choose the Right Window Film for your Home in Singapore

We are finally back with a new post about window films!
Being in the window film industry for a period of time now, we have seen many various types of films in the market. Companies that opened a few years ago, offering budget films and lifetime/long warranties are now also closed. 
So what is the trend for films in the market right now? Especially for Singapore.
Traditional films such as nano-ceramic films are still available but consumers are now more informed that there are other higher performance films. Spectrally Selective sputtered films with silver are now being more recognized. These films are able to reflect heat while still maintaining clarity. We are one of the first few companies that advocated for these films and we are proud to say that most consumers are beginning to look for these films now.
But what sets us apart from other companies?
1) Our films are tested in Singapore Certified laboratories and thus the specifications are reliable and true.
2) Our films are certified Singapore Green Building Product – 4 ticks. This is the highest performance film in Singapore.
3) We do a demo of our films versus other competitors films should you require. We are confident in the performance of our films and are happy to share and compare.
4) We have our inhouse installers so that we can complete the job for you as soon as possible and to the highest standards
5) Most importantly, our prices are competitive when compared to other similar Spectrally Selective Sputtered Films.
In all doubts, consumers can contact Pacco and we will offer our most sincere and honest evaluation.

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