What Type of Window Film Do You Need?

How Do You Know What Type of Window Film You Need?

As seen from our previous posts, we know that there are many types of window films in the market (Carbon, Ceramic, Sputtered, Dye etc). And as consumers, you are not sure what type of window film would best solve your problem. Here are some questions and why they are important in helping you decide which type of window film and what kind of technology will best help improve the heat situation in your home.
1) What Direction is my Home/Office/Room Facing? (North/South/East/West)
There are many homes/offices that are facing direct East or West and in some situations both. This homes are usually much hotter than other because the sun rises from the east and sets in the west, the homes will get the direct sunlight for most of the morning or afternoon. And we highly encourage those who are facing this types of situation to get solar films of the highest quality and technology where the films reflect heat instead of absorbing it into the film. Homes that are facing either direct East or West, has the tendency to be hot all year round.
There are also many homes which are North – West Facing or East – South Facing. This homes that are facing these directions will still get an angled sun but they won’t be affected all year round as the sun shifts. However, how hot the home gets also depends on other factors which will be mentioned in this blogpost.
2) How Long of the Sun is my Home/Office/Room Facing?
This is one of the biggest factors when considering what type of window films will be needed to solve your problem. Usually units with a nicer view and on a higher floor tend to be hotter. When the view of your unit is nicer, nothing would be blocking the unit from the sun, causing it to be extremely hot as the sun will be shining into your homes/offices/rooms for longer periods of time.
With homes with an open view (sea view, forest view, field view) and staying at higher floor, they tend to face the sun for up to 6 hours a day. In scenarios similar to this, we will usually recommend them to get window films that reflect the heat away as not much heat will be absorbed into their windows and will not dissipate into their homes.
3) Is Glare an Issue I am Looking to Solve? (Is Sunlight Causing You Discomfort)
Many people would like to keep their homes, especially their living rooms brightly lit. However, many do not understand that light contributes about 45% to the total heat that is entering through their homes. Therefore, when customers do request to keep their homes brightly lit, we would educate them that light itself is a form of heat which might still cause them discomfort.
This also adds to another point where curtains and window film work “hand-in-hand” as the curtains are able to also help cut the glare when needed.
Glares from the morning sun causes the most irritation and discomfort as it stops people from sleeping-in on the weekends as it can be too bright to fall asleep after a certain time. Therefore, going for darker films will usually help to increase comfort levels and decrease the total heat that is entering the home.
Therefore, we believe that it is important to know the answers to the questions above before understanding which type of window film would best solve your problem. If you feel that there can be more information added to this post, feel free to let us know.

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