Window Film Specifications & Meter Testing

Specifications and Meter Testing of Window Film

How do you recognize high quality window film? There are a few ways to determine the performance of the film you are getting.
1) Specification Sheet
2) Testing and simulation of hot sun (IR Lamp)
3) Using a meter to test the performance.
By going through each method of testing, let us discuss the
Specification Sheet
The first and easiest way to check the quality of your window film is just by looking at the specification sheet. To check how much heat it blocks, look out for Infrared Rejection and Total Solar Energy Rejected. However always take note of the wavelength it is measured in, most brands in the market “deceive” the customer by only measuring and posting a certain wavelength of the infrared wavelength (i.e 900-1100nm). This leads to “inflated” values of 99% IR Rejection.
An honest and indicative way of measuring would be the whole wavelenth of 780nm-2500nm. Only then you can judge the heat rejection performance of the film.
Testing and simulation of hot sun (IR Lamp)
What is better than to test out and feel it yourself. By using a heat lamp and shining through it, you can judge by yourself rather it blocks out the amount of heat. This way, while is effective, has also a loophole. To judge whether a film can truly block heat, you must test both in the short and long period timings. Some films perform well in short period of time where heat can be blocked effectively, but changing to long period of time, it’s performance drops drastically.
This is often the case for Ceramic Films where they are designed to absorb heat to block the heat, but over time, heat still seeps through its performance will drop.
Using a meter to test the performance
Most companies use this method to “prove” their film is superior and better than other brands. However this is the most unethical way. These meters are fixed to measure only from 900nm-1100nm, meaning only a certain wavelength. The Infrared Wavelength is 780nm-2500nm. Thus, always beware when brands say they block 99% IR Rays – it is only measured at a certain wavelength.
To know more about window film, do contact us anytime. At Pacco, we offer transparent, professional and honest suggestions and solutions for your heat problems.

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