Why Install Good Car Solar Films?

Why do i need to install good Car Solar Films?

Imagine parking your car under the sun for 1 hour while you go for lunch. You come back to open the door of your car only to feel the entire interior of the car burning like an oven. Your steering wheel is scorching hot, your leather seats are burning against your skin when you sit on it.
The aircon seems not strong enough to cool down the entire car quickly, so you start the engine and let it run while opening the doors for ventilation too.
I am sure this common scenario happens to everyone every single day in Singapore where the weather is just too HOT!
How can solar films solve this problem then?
Solar films help to reduce the amount of sunlight heat entering through your car’s glass windows. Not only that, it also blocks out 99% of UV rays which help to protect your car’s interior finishing from fading.
The combine effect of blocking Infrared Rays and UV Rays help to reduce heat and the burning sensation on your skin.
But what type of solar films are good?
Choose films that reflect the heat away, not absorb heat.
Only solar films that reflect the heat away is able to give a consistent performance of blocking heat for your car!
Our spectral selective films which consists of gold and silver will achieve this effect of reflecting the heat away!
To find out more on how to reduce heat from entering your car EFFECTIVELY, do contact us and let us show you how.

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