What is Window Film?

What is Window Film

New products and technology are being developed every day. These products improve our daily lives and make things more efficient. Like most products, window film continues to improve with new technology and concepts. There is no point in being the pioneer in something if there is no improvements made. The same goes for window films, newer technologies are developed to optimize blocking out heat. But what is window film? If you go to any neighborhood HDB in Tampines and ask an owner the details about window film, most would not be able to answer.

Let’s start by understanding what contributes to the heat in our home and office. Yes, sun is the main culprit but there is much more in sun. The sun emits solar rays -these rays include UV rays, infrared light and visible light. UV rays and infrared light are transparent.

Components of solar ray:

1) UV rays (3% of sunlight) – both invisible and dangerous. This is what cause fading in our furniture and fabrics. They also can cause skin cancer and cause us discomfort. UV rays can come in through windows and is very dangerous for our skin.

2) Infrared light (53% of sunlight) – main component of heat. Infrared light are “heat rays” that heat up our houses and offices.

3) Visible light (44% of sunlight) – Visible light is natural light that comes from sunlight. It is essential to brighten up our rooms in the day. It emits some heat but not as much as infrared light.

By installing window film in your home and office, 99% of UV rays are blocked. Now you do not need to worry about the harmful effects from UV rays. Window films actually have better SPF and UV protection than most sun screens. Infrared light is reduced up to 95% and visible light can be reduced between 20-70% depending on the type of film. Thus, on average window films can reduce solar energy by about 60%, and at the same time still allow a suitable amount of natural visible light in. Imagine enjoying heat reduction while still enjoying the natural light!

So what is the science behind this product? Our Window Film is created using high-end rotary multi-layer precious metal sputtering equipment. This machine is able to achieve sputtering on more than ten layers of nano-scale precious metal coating using optic grade base PET material. Unique highly reflective and absorbent, these precious metal particles give a thin layer of film with high degree of insulation.

Sunlight is both needed and dangerous. By installing window film, we are able to eliminate the dangers with sunlight and yet enjoy the natural light. It’s the perfect way to reduce heat and protect your family and your home!

Contact us anytime to find out more about window film. Our aim is to educate and let more people know about window film.

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