Why your Home still feels warm despite choosing a North-South facing unit

Many people have the idea of getting homes that are North/South Facing in order to avoid the heat from the sun. However, not everyone has the understanding that the sun shifts and other elements come into consideration when determining how hot, one’s home is going to be or will be.

During appointments with a few of our clients, they do question us. “Why does my house still feel so warm, even though I specifically chose a North-South Facing Unit?”

The shifting of the sun occurs all year round.

The morning sun shifts across the North-East Axis. Hence, about 6 months in a year, the units or homes that are North-South facing tend to get the morning sun. For the afternoon sun, it tends to shift across the South West axis. Hence, also for about 6 months in a year, the units or homes that are North-South facing will also tend to get an angled afternoon sun.

The intensity of the sun of course depends on many factors including, view, level of unit and surrounding buildings. Many of this factors will also affect the intensity of the sun entering your homes.

Therefore, we highly encourage you to get professional advice whenever you start to feel warm in your current home, or when you purchase a new place. Solar films don’t only focuses on rejecting heat, but also protecting your furniture, your loved ones and giving the much needed privacy after a hard days work. Solar Films or Window Films have proven to be an effective solution in reducing your air-con consumption and reducing internal temperatures in ones home. If you’re still unsure, write us an email or drop us a text and we will be more than happy to share with you the importance of window film/solar films and how it will help.

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