The New Trend That Will Dominate Homes

The new trend that will dominate homes in the future

Yes! So now you got a new house and you are all excited to renovate it.
Flooring – checked.
Furniture – checked.
Carpentry – checked.
Doors – checked.
Decorations – checked.
Windows – checked?
After getting a new house, you would want to make sure everything is renovated completely so that you can enjoy living in it comfortably.
With Singapore’s tropical climate and temperatures averaging around 31-32 degrees daily, the blasting heat and UV rays are almost inevitable.
So how do we mitigate this heat? You can do so by installing window film in you house’s windows. Heat can be reduced greatly and UV rays can be cut to 99.9% – allowing you to live in comfort of your new house.
With new home-owners getting more knowledgeable and wanting to live more comfortably, window film will be a trend in new homes.
Thinking of installing window film for your new home too? But not sure what is a good film?
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