When buying a new home, the orientation of the house is of utmost importance to many Singaporeans. Making sure that their it is neither west nor east facing to so that it does not get too hot in their homes. Many property agents have given feedback that west and east facing homes are the hardest to sell because of this particular reason. However, many homeowners do not understand or know that the sun does not always rise in the east and sets in the west. Instead the sun shifts towards the north and south across the year
Therefore, this makes it almost inevitable for new home owners to find a home that will never have sun or heat entering their homes be it directly or at a slanted angle. Of course, homes that are east or west facing will be hotter than homes that get the sun at a slanted angle. However, there are still many of our customers who still find it very warm and uncomfortable even though their homes are only getting the sun from a slanted angle.
Singapore has always been known to have rainy seasons and a hot seasons. In the past, end of the year would be the rainy season while the rest of year would usually be hot. But due to climate change, the weather pattern has changed. Sadly, Singapore is not one of those countries who have the joy of experiencing 4 seasons in a year due to our location near the equator causing it to be hot and humid almost all year round. Therefore, installing the right type of film is equally important to ensure the comfort of those in your home.
Spectrally Selective Sputtered Solar Films are the best options because of the consistent heat present in Singapore’s weather. Sputtered Films (in-short) are most suitable because of the heat rejection technology present in these films. As mentioned in previous blog posts, most films currently in the market gets rid of the heat from the sun through absorption while Sputtered Films get rid of heat by reflecting it away. Especially for those facing direct east and west. This has proven to be a major factor due to Singapore’s hot climate almost all year round. If too much heat is absorbed by the film and glass, it will in fact cause the home to still be hot because the heat energy absorbed by the film is dissipated into the home. So it is important “get the heat away from your windows.
Therefore, we carry many ranges of film because to cater for those who are facing direct east and west and for those getting the sun at a slanted angle. As mentioned in our previous post, not all films are meant to withstand the amount of heat in Singapore’s Climate. But also, do not over-spend on solar films that will either not solve your problem or for films of too high a grade based on your heat problem.
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Stay cool and Live in Comfort with our solar films during this festive season.

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