New Year – New Ambitions for Pacco Window Film

New Year - New Ambitions for Pacco Window Film

Happy New Year to all! It has been a great 2018. Pacco Window Film started from zero and has now grown to be one of the top choices for Window Film today.
We have completed many projects ranging from Public Libraries, Offices, Condominiums, Landed Properties and HDBs. With the Chinese New Year approaching, let’s round up some Frequently Asked Questions we faced last year.
1) Are Window films installed interior side or exterior side of glass windows?
Most of window films are installed on the interior side of glass windows, this is to ensure the durability of the film is lengthened – protect against from the natural weather elements.
Exterior films are also available and are usually used when the interior side of the glass is not accessible. This scenario is mostly for commercial buildings where the glass are high heights or skylights. Special films are required for these.
2) How long can window films last?
The longevity of window films depend on several factors, mainly quality of film and also maintenance of film. Most high quality films can last up to 10 years or more. Pacco Window Films are tested in laboratories and are tested to last to 22 years.
Maintenance is also another important part of letting your films last. Using a soft cloth with water to clean the windows is preferred and advised. Do not use rough materials or chemicals to clean the windows as it will spoil the coating on the films.
3) I want a film that cannot be seen from outside, but can be seen from inside. Is this possible?
These type of films are privacy films and this can be achieved through 2 methods. Either by using a really reflective metal film or a very darkly tinted film (Visible Light Transmittance of 5%), the effect of outside not being able to see inside is possible. However this effect is only achieved under certain lighting/daytime (where the side that is brighter will not be able to look into the side that is darker).
Having said that, in the night, this effect will be reversed and privacy will be compromised. Do beware that there is no 24/7 privacy from films.
4) Where is your film made in?
Many companies will claim that their films are from USA, Korea etc. These countries are supposedly higher quality countries and thus their films should be better. However, the country of origin is not important if the quality of film is not there. Every country can produce their own film, and the quality ranges from low to high depending on your needs. Films made in USA does not mean that it is the best, they still have budget and low quality films.
These are just some FAQs that customers have asked in 2018, we will continue the FAQs in the next post!

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