Invisible Energy Saver!

Invisible Energy Saver!

With Singapore moving towards green and focusing on energy efficient products, window film is a product that will see an increase in demand – especially in our hot and sunny climate.

Solar window film is a thin piece of film that is applied to your window glass. Without it, most of the solar energy that hits your window goes into your house. With it, most of that energy stays out.

Installing high quality glass windows can be useful and block out those unwanted heat/uv rays, but it’s also expensive and often costs very high. For a more affordable option, choosing to install window film is a more cost effective solution.

Window film costs about a fifth of a newly installed window while still being able to match the performance of a new glass high efficient glass window.

Not only does this product offers energy efficiency, it also shields you from the glare of sunlight, filters out potentially dangerous ultra violet light and even helps protect your furniture from fading from prolonged exposure to the sun.

Many home-users however would not know what type of film to choose for their house. Do not worry about that as Pacco is here to educate and teach users the correct film to choose- according to their needs.

Do contact us anytime through our page to find out more.

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