Does Country of Origin Really Matter?

Does Country of Origin Really Matter?`

There are many countries that are known for their production of Window Films.
1) United States of America
2) Taiwan
3) Korea
4) Japan
5) China

Many of these manufacturers produce different types of films based on their local needs and demands.

For example, manufacturers in U.S, Korea and Japan are known for producing ceramic films which are the type of films that reject heat through absorption. Based on their weather and climate, majority of these countries experience 4 seasons a year and therefore, during the summer (which is only a couple of months) absorbs the heat into the windows. Therefore, heat penetrating through the windows is not as intense because people living in those countries are not facing intense heat the whole year round.

However, installing ceramic films in South East Asia is not advisable because the climate we are facing is hot and wet all year round. Therefore, there are many instances where after installing ceramic films, many people complain about their homes still being hot.

Knowing what country the product is from gives people a sense of security that they are paying what their money’s worth. However, it is also important that in countries like Singapore, the films have gone through tests in Accredited Laboratories in their country. Certificates and lab tests will help to prove that the films are of quality and safe for consumers.

In conclusion, country of origin matters to a certain extent as it can help consumers understand what type of film they are offering and whether it is suitable for their home and if it can solve the heat problem. However, it is also important if these films have been put through tests in accredited labs to ensure that it does not contain any harmful materials and it is safe to use by consumers.

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