How to Choose the Most Cost-Efficient Window Film in Singapore: Understanding the Price Differences and Quality Factors

Window Film price range in Singapore - difference between cheap films vs expensive films

With Singapore’s scorching heat and weather, it seems that Window Film is a common solution for house or office owners. However like all normal people, the budget and pricing of films are also their top most consideration.
There are so many different types of window films in Singapore, so which films are the most cost efficient? Most clients would want the best films with the cheapest price. I hate to break the news but more often than so a cheaper film would usually means a lower quality film. There are however some instances of highly overcharged prices due to a certain brand or more marketing. 
Some window films can be as low as $3-4/sqft while some go to as high as $15/sqft. Why the vast difference in price?
1) Low quality films that only present high but untrue specifications – with no test reports to back up. Many times my customers would ask me why my film’s specifications are lower and even more expensive than others! Unfortunately, there are no regulations in Singapore that regulate the window film’s specifications thus anyone can put any specifications they want to. It is all up to customer whether they believe or not.
2) High marketing and advertising costs seen everywhere – with brand ambassadors etc. These are all marketing costs which add onto the price of a product. Sometimes although the prices are high, the specifications are actually very normal.
3) Over promised by salesmen on the performance of their products – some claim to block 80% etc of heat into house, while only charging $4 , $6 /sqft. While on paper it seems very enticing, more often it is just not justified.
So how would consumers then choose the right window film that is the most cost efficient for them?
1) First understand your house’s heat problem – direct afternoon sun, slanted morning sun etc. And how you would want to solve this heat problem
2) Choose the darkness of your films – more light in or less light in
3) Understand the specifications of the films and ask for a demo / test report for the films.
4) Compare the different types of film with your expectations
5) Know your own budget and see whether you would want to spend more for that extra quality to block heat for X number of years more, or you are just looking for a product that lasts a few years.
In all doubts, consumers can contact Pacco and we will offer our most sincere and honest evaluation.

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