Best way to reduce heat from windows

Best way to reduce heat from windows

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Located near the equator, Singapore’s climate is warm and humid. How many times have we heard Singaporeans complaining about the hot weather?

Outdoors – we cannot do much but just carry an umbrella and wear cooler clothing.

Indoors – we can do much more than just turning on the air conditioner, there are ways to reduce heat from window.

To block heat from window, most people think about blinds, drapes and curtains first. However these products have limitations if the main objective is to block heat. These products are deceiving because they only reduce visible sunlight in the room, but they capture and radiate solar heat from the glass and expel it into the room. Imagine a blanket covering, heat is trapped inside! Many people thus are paying higher electric bills because of the heat gain and energy loss. Overall, these products only help to block the glare from sunlight – nothing more than that.

Though the above window treatments are the popular go-to sources for reducing heat from window, there is an alternative that is affordable, decorative, hygienic and far more effective than blinds or drapes. It is solar window film.

Solar Window Film Deals With Problems At Their Source

Window film can be applied to the interior of your windows easily and quickly. Just by consulting a professional window film dealer like Pacco, you have access to a wide range of window film products that will be installed professionally. Do not worry that the film will bubble or peel over time! Only low quality films will have that problem, and our films have warranty up to 10 years.

Solar Window Film has other benefits too! It blocks 99% of UV rays and prevents your furniture, flooring and fabric from fading. It also can reduce glare from the sunlight, imagine being able to watch TV without a glare or complete a day’s work without sitting in a hot spot. Lastly it also increases privacy and security. If the glass were to break, it would not shatter completely but would be held intact by the film.

Most importantly, window film addresses our problem that we complain so often – heat. Rather than spending so much in blinds or curtains that only do half the job, why not choose a final solution like window tinting?

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