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Window Film Singapore

Transparency & Professional Advice is What We Offer, Service & Quality Window Film is What We Deliver

Pacco Window Film provides state of the art window film that can reject high amounts of heat from your homes and offices.

Our Window Film Reflect Heat And Not Absorb

  1. Our solar film is able to reduce energy consumption and cooling costs for your homes and offices
  2. Able to reject 99% of the Harmful Ultraviolet Rays
  3. Enhances the strength and privacy of the glass, which improves safety for our homes and families

Spectrally Selective Solar Window Film

Live in comfort with maximum heat rejection and optical clarity.

Safety Window Film

Enhancing the strength of the glass, our safety films can protect your

Decorative & Privacy Window Film

Frosted Films with special patterns to modernise your home and ensure maximum privacy.

Residential Window Film
Home Window Film

HDBs, Condos & Landed

Installing window film in your home is an investment worth every penny. It is able to protect your loved ones, furniture and flooring from the harmful UV Rays and reduce your air-condition usage.

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